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31 December 2019 @ 03:50 pm

My journals are friends only
But, you can freely took some stuffs like lyrics, wallpapers, craft tutorial, etc...

Want to be friend?
Just add comments here to be added ^-^


My journal contains many things
Most of it are my diary,
sometimes pics, sometimes fangirling,
small amount of rant and a lot of meme XDD
I'm active user
and I hope you're active user too, so we can have much time
to knowing each other as friend

I know this sound harsh, but

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08 December 2011 @ 03:04 pm
Hi, all
have been think a lot about this journal lately
since LJ is really quiet lately and many of my friends is not here anymore...
I decided to make this journal to be really private
which means, I'll really protect it
since I'm not update this regularly
also, I'm thinking about moving to another blog host...

so, I decided to put all my ramblings here, also personal thought
maybe this LJ will not contain fun entries anymore

and I'm terrible sorry for this...
because of the reasons I state, I decided to cut-off names from my f-list
no offense or personal reason m(_ _)m
I cut-off people who I don't know well and who don't update their LJ anymore
since this journal will be private
I  don't want to spread out my personal problems or rant to people I don't know well
I also don't want to sp*mming your f-page, and it'll be useless if you don't read it...
m(_ _)m

one more, if I removed you,
please don't think I have personal sentiment with you
and please look at my reason above!

I should have announce this few days ago, but I... totally forget!
LJ also hates me, since few days ago, it won't updating TT^TT
05 December 2011 @ 08:34 am
peach, melting butter on the pan,my DLH strap, and paper... I sniff at the any kind of paper I meet XDD
26 October 2011 @ 08:10 am

as promised to kurainanimo
sorry to make you wait >___<

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所: kaisha
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25 October 2011 @ 03:12 pm
What is your favorite go-to pasta dish?
fettucini carbonara! XDD
with salmon and the roe
所: kaisha
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音楽 : Alice NIne-Heart of Gold
25 October 2011 @ 03:10 pm
Describe your dream vacation.
no works, no family, just me or friends
and wandering, enjoy the nature and old buildings XDD
ah, see your idols perform also be nice! *reminds me of a trip few months ago XDD

So, after think about this many times… I’ll re-write my review and live report in English in more proper and complete way

It was my first and last, but it was really fun!

Hope you can enjoy my report

A Very Looooooong Report is Over HereCollapse )

所: kaisha
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音楽 : DELUHI-Yomi no Yuzuriha
04 July 2011 @ 10:45 am
Hi all...
berhubung bakal pergi ke live Deluhi, gw buka jasa penitipan jual-beli goods *halah
tp harap di-note: FOR SERIOUS BUYER ONLY
bukannya apa2, goods-nya mahal, dan di sana pasti bakal rame banget dan desak2an, apalagi di hari itu juga hari rilisan Best Album mereka
ini juga buat keperluan gw nimbang2 bagasi dan muat2in isi koper, jadi gw GA AKAN beli lebih buat dijual nantinya!

beberapa barang gw kasih foto bentuk sebenarnya juga. kyk foto dari Leda dan dari teman2 gw
tapi, kalau ada yang mau lihat barang asli dari barang2 tertentu, kasih tau gw
karena gw harus tanya sana-sini dan minta foto2nya dari temannya teman gw juga

yg berminat harap hubungi gw lewat inbox LJ/FB/Twitter
tulis pesanan, nama, alamat, n nomor telepon/akun LJ/FB/Twitter yg bisa dihubungi
Pesanan dan pembayaran lunas ditunggu sampai tanggal 19 Juli 2011
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List goods (jgn lupa baca ketentuan di atasnya)Collapse )
List goods (jgn lupa baca ketentuan di atasnya)Collapse )
List goods (jgn lupa baca ketentuan di atasnya)Collapse )List goods (jgn lupa baca ketentuan di atasnya)Collapse )List goods (jgn lupa baca ketentuan di atasnya)Collapse )List goods (jgn lupa baca ketentuan di atasnya)Collapse )List goods (jgn lupa baca ketentuan di atasnya)Collapse )List goods (jgn lupa baca ketentuan di atasnya)Collapse )List goods (jgn lupa baca ketentuan di atasnya)Collapse ) 
所: kaisha
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音楽 : Deluhi-Lorelei

Lyrics of Golden Bomber-Mata Kimi ni Bangou wo Kikenakatta
My English is a mess and correct me if you found any mistakes because I'm still confused in translating song lyrics

the lyricsCollapse )
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15 September 2010 @ 10:25 pm
Sorry in bahasa and this is kinda long
slight translation and repot of GB live@nico2 last night
there's many scene I forgot, just tell me
I can remember if u tell me XDD *granny memories*

pertama, gw tulis di sini aja, nggak di FB krn gw binung mo tag siapa aja XDD
n skalian biar bisa pada liat
*awas sampe gw nemu ada yg hotlink ga minta izin. Bukanya giman2, tp ini masalah keetisan n kesopanan aja, gw udah cape sama orang2 yg hotlink ga bilang2 n majang2 di FBnya sambil ngaku ngasih credit n udah bilang sama yg di-hotlink-in*
kl mo co-pass di tpt lain, silakan, tp bilang dulu krn ini murni gw tulis sendiri

yp punya LJ maupun yg ga punya, silakan nimbrung komen kl mau =3

the reportCollapse )

personal toughtCollapse )
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11 July 2010 @ 09:18 pm
Hi, minna!
Long time not making J-Rockers wallie
this time featuring Alice Nine, Alice in Frame
I put bit color because the background bit plain
tell me how about it?
scan credit to nicoleily 

tell me if you need them in different resolution
and credit if re-post anywhere
hope you'll like it ^0^

[1280x1024]         [1280x1024]         [1280x1024]
[1024x768]          [1024x768]          [1024x768]

[1280x1024]         [1280x1024]         [1280x1024]
[1024x768]          [1024x768]          [1024x768]
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09 July 2010 @ 11:58 am
Girugamesh-Color lyrics in kanji and romaji
romaji by me, kanji took from here

I'll check it again when I got the booklet scans, and maybe will do romaji for the rest of the songs
please tell me if there's some mistyping or anything ^0^
Color...Collapse )
所: kaisha
気持ち : workingworking
音楽 : Girugamesh-Arrow
09 July 2010 @ 10:32 am
Hi, this is Hameln lyrics from Vistlip
took from PV with lyrics version
Kanji and romaji by me
I'll check it again when I got the booklet scans, and will do romaji for the rest of the songs
please tell me if there's some mistyping or anything ^0^

Hameln...Collapse )
所: kaisha
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音楽 : Deluhi-Frontier
31 May 2010 @ 12:44 pm

Kanji+romaji lyrics from Uragiri ha Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru op-ed by Rayflower
Kanji typed by hoshinautau 

Uragiri no Nai Sekai MadeCollapse )

Aoi ItoCollapse )

Office connection is too slow and unstable...
I want my episode 8!!!!! *GRAOOOOOR*

所: kaisha
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音楽 : Rayflower-Aoi Ito
22 May 2010 @ 01:56 pm
Long time not make wallies...
This time... no J-Rockers... ^-^"a
I featured Luka and YukixLuka from Uragiri ha Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru
Taken from 
vol. 7 cover and inside color pages
I looooooveeeee the pics ^//^

enjoy and tell me how about them ^-^ 
don't forget to credit me if put them anywhere

[1280x1024]         [1024x768]

[1280x1024]         [1024x768]
所: home
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音楽 : Vistlip-Next
First, I don't write this for bother you, but please, I've wrote this for many times in everywhere
so, make sure you read this...

to all people who added me...
I'm very thankful and appreciate if you add me
but, please make sure you comment in first page
I've wrote this in my journal, blurb, profile, everywhere
and, again, I wrote that everywhere to make sure you read about my profiles or works first before we're be friend
and I want to make sure you really want to be friends with me
and I want to know about you too...
And I don't want to share my personal things to people who don't really want to know me
that's why I make my journal friends locked
or at least, send me a message or via journal comments
It's easy to put a comment isn't it? I always do that when I want to add people who locked their journal too

I'm just looking for your attention and respect
because, I think about, how can I wrote that thing everywhere in my journal,
but in last 6 months, in many people, only 2 people read that and kindly ask me to be friend?
don't mention friends I allowed me to add with no comments, because I know them
and don't mention friends I've added before

So, for people who add me and I don't, and you want to be friend,
or you want to chit-chat or anything,
I kindly ask you again to pass my
or, if you don't please remove me from your friend's list
to check it, if you can read
MY LATEST ENTRY, you're on my friend list

I don't mean to ranting
and never have bad thought
I'm just hoping for your attention m(-_-)m
thank you for reading

have a good day
気持ち : sleepylack of sleep last night
音楽 : Girugamesh-Arrow
22 December 2009 @ 07:09 am
All lyrics from Girugamesh new album: NOW
minus suiren, goku, and gokusai because they're already the romaji

scans credit to kibilnala  thank you for the booklet scans
I put it on word, because it's such a long entry ^-^

can re-post anywhere, but don't steal! remember to give credits to me ^-^

And... Satoshi is SOOOOO KAKKOI in Arrow PV *a good way to relief my stress mode* XDDD
気持ち : workingworking
29 October 2009 @ 11:18 am
Finally, I got the pic with better quality *blur in some pics, but still better than my previous post* XDDD

Material : felt, thread, scissor, glue, and... patience XDD
Dimension : height 23 cm
Will be sold in Indonesia only
*tp tunggu bentar yah, terima pesenannya minggu depan, soalnya mo pergi* m(-_-)m minggu depan silakan cek entry ini lg...
Gazette Plushie Over Here...Collapse )
所: home
気持ち : amusedamused
08 August 2009 @ 08:03 pm

So, here's lyrics from Hana single
thank you for

momoko0507 for booklets scan
comment and critics are always welcome ^-^
and tell me if repost anywhere



HANACollapse )




HIGH AND LOWCollapse )

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19 July 2009 @ 06:56 pm
Wallpaper time!!! XDDD
long time since my last wallie \\^0^//
pic taken from Neo Genesis 37 and scanned by akikoshiori  *thank you for the scans*
the title for this wallie is 赤い華 (the Red Flower)
*because I can't wait for the single...* XDDD
So, here's the boys with the flower:

[1280x1024]     [1280x1024]     [1280x1024]
[1024x768]       [1024x768]       [1024x768]

[1280x1024]                   [1280x1024]
[1024x768]                      [1024x768]

Hope you'll like these and ENJOY!!
Critics and comments are always welcome!

A/N: taking request for another resolution if at least 2 people requesting...

所: home
気持ち : creativecreative